Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Family news/ Early March preaching trip

After leaving the house early Friday morning I arrived at Steve and Robins in Rising Sun late in the evening because of heavy traffic and a 32 car pile up on I 81 south of Hazleton PA. We all went to a Nissley get together along with Caleb, Becky and Abi.
The Boys, John and Jim and their families from VA. were there also. There were a lot of Nissleys there, and when one of my cousins Lynn Nissley got everyone's attention, he started the get together off in prayer. I am thankful for the Godly heritage of my family.

I then spent the night in the prophets chamber at the New Freedom Baptist Church in New Freedom PA. and preached all day for Brother Mark Hopkins. It was good to have John, Stacey and boys with us and Jim, Angie and their girls also with us in the morning services. We all went out to eat before they left for home. Then the next day I took my car to the shop where they told me it is dying. The Chevy dealer told me the engine is making  noise that is deep and he wouldn't drive it out of town. He said when a car gets 240,000 miles on it to retire it. I said I think I will however I have to go to Acme PA. and then on to Montreal Canada and than home first.  
Here it is Wednesday and it's Becky's husband Caleb's birthday. Along with Caleb eating cake today is our little Shilo Grace. Shilo is the little daughter of Andy and Josie. She is our little Canadian.
Had a good time presenting the Gospel Boat ministry to the folks at the Mt Zion Community Independent Baptist Church on Tuesday evening and preaching Wednesday night. Lord willing tonight after preaching I will try to get a little sleep before heading to Montreal Canada.


  1. Praying for you Brother. Good to read an update. Keep on keeping on.

  2. I have been gettings these Artic adventures for a short time and found you as a link so I clicked on it and read your report. Thanks for all that you do and I will be adding your name to my prayer list so that I can call upon God to bless you as you serve Him. I will tell you that I will be praying for you all until we all hear the "SHOUT"!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello Brother Nissley, We certainly enjoyed your preaching and getting to meet you. We learned a lot from you about the ministry there in Greenland and enjoyed the blessing of hearing how God provided and met all the needs. We are glad you have started a blog and look forward to reading it. We will be praying for you and the for the boat ministry. Roger and Kathy from Mt. Zion

    1. Thank YOU! It was a pleasure to be at Mt Zion and share my burden to help Chris and Carole in their ministry to the Greenlandic people.

  4. Please add my name to your mailing list.
    Thank you! Keep up the great work! From Melbourne Florida
    Jeremiah 33:3